Since August 1st, I have knocked on approximately 3000 doors in District 58. I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the people I have met. Many have inquired about my stand on issues that go beyond the printed information I have provided. To follow is a more detailed look at my views on a variety of issues. Even this can not provide a comprehensive view. I encourage you to call me with your questions and your comments.

Trust me to fight for world-class education for all children

  • Increased funding to recruit and retain qualified teachers
  • Adequate funding for smaller class sizes
  • Better equipped facilities
  • Sufficient resources for higher education

Trust me to safeguard our neighborhoods and families

  • Quality health care and affordable health insurance
  • Safe and reliable transportation, including additional mass transit and commuter rail
  • Adequate green space for parks and recreation and a clean environment
  • Safe communities and crime prevention
  • Affordable housing

Trust me to promote a strong and vibrant economy

  • Low, reasonable taxes
  • Managed growth to preserve our neighborhoods
  • Trust me to work for legislative ethics reform
  • Ban on gifts to elected officials
  • A stronger conflict-of-interest law
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My values are Utah County values. I am socially conservative, fiscally responsible, faith-based, pro-public education, seeking to use government in a limited way, and in partnership with the private sector, to improve the lives of people.


I am a person with deep, religious faith. Activity in my church is a big part of who I am and what I believe. I respect the religious liberty for all as guaranteed by the Constitution and will work together with people of all faiths to make our state a better place to live.


Utah has fallen further behind all other states in the per capita student spending. We are not only last, but we are falling further behind Mississippi, the state that is second to last in spending per student. Our classes are, by far, the largest in the nation. And class sizes in Utah County are among the highest in the state. Why the Utah County delegation hasn’t changed this is a mystery to me. I believe their very strong push for vouchers illustrates that they care more about private education than public education. I would love to see the passion they felt for vouchers to be channeled towards public education.

Higher Education

UVU is still the least funded university in the state and spends less per student than any university in the state. We need to better fund UVU and, at a minimum, bring it to the average funding per student of the colleges and universities in the state. It is critical to have sufficient resources for our colleges and universities to provide the quality education our people need.


The family is the basic unit of our society. As we support it, we safeguard our communities. We need to support families with affordable health care, a clean environment, safe and reliable transportation, excellence in education, and high standards of morality.


I define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.


I oppose elective abortion for personal or social convenience. I believe that abortion should be limited to instances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or in cases of fatal fetal deformities, or when competent medical authority determines that there is a serious threat to the life or health of the mother. I believe that every abortion is a tragedy.

Health Care

I believe that all who desire it should have access to affordable health care. Approximately 300,000 Utahns are without health insurance; 90,000 of these are children. This is a serious health issue that must be addressed. These Utahns do not receive the health care they need, often leading to more severe health problems and eventually to higher costs once care is sought in an emergency center.

Open and Limited Government

Government cannot and should not solve all problems nor should it have unchecked power over people. This is true at the national and state level. Having both Republicans and Democrats more evenly matched in government provides a built-in check on government power. Both have a natural incentive to check the other because they want to be in the majority. But when only one party effectively can be in the majority, then the other party does not serve as an adequate check. This is a check that protects the voters. Furthermore, caucuses should be public meetings open to the all. When the people’s business is being discussed, the people should be in on the discussion.

Fiscal Responsibility

Utah balances its budget, as it must do so constitutionally. I strongly support this. In addition, we need periodic review of our tax system to make sure that everyone is paying their fair share. Tax breaks for various corporations and groups begin to accumulate into an unbalanced tax burden. We want to make sure that an average Utah family isn’t paying the taxes for others who are avoiding their fair share.

Economic Opportunity

We need public policies that create good jobs for all Utahns. We need a business climate characterized by fair tax policies, a skilled and well-educated workforce, and well-planned infrastructure. We need cooperation between business and government to support working families with access to affordable health care and retirement benefits.


While Salt Lake and Davis counties already have commuter rail, Utah County has lagged behind. While Salt Lake and Davis counties have effective public transit, Utah County has lagged behind. Plans are in place to move this forward. We must exercise the leadership necessary to see that this occurs as rapidly as possible. Otherwise, the gridlock on our roads and highways will only get worse.

Energy and Nuclear Waste

We must decrease our dependence on foreign oil by supporting such initiatives as mass transit, conservation, and alternative energy sources. The production of oil from oil shale may be an effective, appropriate alternative and deserves serious study. Utah must not become a dumping ground for the nuclear waste of the nation or the world.


I support the Constitutional right of citizens to possess firearms for sporting purposes and for lawfully defending their families and property. I support the enforcement of existing gun laws and common sense measures to reduce gun violence and enhance public safety. To me common sense measures means that guns should not be in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them– the mentally ill, children, those with a criminal record, etc. These are specific groups for whom gun possession can be dangerous to themselves as well as others.


Those who come to the United States should do so legally. Congress should adopt laws which control our borders while providing a policy which respects the contributions of immigrant workers to our economy and to their families, many of whom are United States citizens. A sense of compassion and fairness should be critical in these policies.

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I strongly believe in the importance of religious faith in Utah and feel that the protection of religious liberty is one of the most important guarantees in the U.S. Constitution. As a former LDS Stake President, I will reach out to members of all religious faiths to ensure that Utah is a better place to live.


I believe that the family is the fundamental unit of society and that it is through the family that we support and care for each other. We share our values generation to generation within our families, and I feel that the government can never replace the role families play in our society. Within our families, we strengthen the community and safeguard our neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many families struggle today. Too often, two incomes are necessary to meet daily economic needs. Too many families are without basic healthcare, and many of our elderly face difficulties caused by poor health, poverty, or restricted services.

I feel that we can support strong families with high moral standards, a clean environment, reasonable taxes, recreational opportunities, affordable housing and healthcare, safe and reliable transportation, and educational excellence. This said, families should assume the primary responsibility for teaching children about procreation, abstinence, and birth control. Governments should rarely make laws with regard to family responsibilities, and only then to protect the weakest among us when life or liberty are threatened.

Working with so many families and students in the Alpine School district for 30 years, I know that many of today’s families include single parents, stepparents, blended families, multigenerational families, and many other variations. Like most Utahns, I define marriage as the union between one man and one woman. I also recognize that many people have differing views on this issue, and, in the spirit of civility, I respect those whose definition is different from mine.


I absolutely respect the sanctity of human life. Every abortion is a tragedy. There must be a balance between the rights of a woman and her unborn child. I oppose abortion for personal or social convenience. Abortion should never be a means of birth control. Abortion must be limited to cases of rape, incest, or when a competent medical professional determines there is a serious threat to the life of the mother. Again, I will reach out to those with differing opinions.


I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. Living in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one should have to choose between healthcare and paying rent. I call for efficient and effective healthcare programs for children, seniors, and the working poor.

Seniors and Social Security

I honor our seniors for their contributions to our community and our quality of life. I believe in helping them to live with dignity and self-reliance.

I support the Social Security system and call for its protection and preservation and oppose privatization that would convert this essential benefit for millions of Americans into a program of investment schemes for the profit of a small segment of the private sector. Certainly, though, I am open to any and all ideas that ensure that the current and future generations of retirees receive the benefits they were promised without adding trillions to our national debt.

Importantly, I also recognize that Americans rely on more than just Social Security for their retirement. Therefore, I call for genuine reform that protects working families from future Enron-style abuse, and for the development of new ways to help hard-working Americans save for retirement.

Open and Limited Government

I believe that government is the way we organize our community to do what we cannot do individually. As such it should be held to the same standards we expect of individuals: honesty, fairness, and respect for the rights of others. I call for open and limited government that serves all people. I oppose decisions about our future being made behind closed doors and call for checks and balances, professional ethics, and the protection of our rights by those we elect to represent us.

I stand for the common good and reject the promotion of personal agendas at the expense of the rest of us by those who would manipulate laws or regulations for their own profit. I call for vigilance on the part of our elected and appointed officials to eliminate corruption in our government wherever, whenever and by whomever it occurs.

Fiscal Responsibility

I believe government should live within its means. I deplore the current ballooning federal deficit and the irresponsibility of those who have caused it through mismanagement and failed policies. I seek to elect federal representatives who will work to reduce our out-of-control federal debt.

At the state level, I support maintaining a healthy rainy day fund to prepare for emergencies. I also urge better governmental accounting procedures for estimating revenues and expenditures. I call for comprehensive tax reform and responsible tax policies.

Economic Opportunity

I believe in public policies that create good jobs for all Utahns. I support a business climate characterized by fair tax policies, a skilled and well-educated workforce, and well-planned infrastructure. I support workers and their right to a living wage. I stand for equal pay for equal work, a safe workplace, and the right to organize. I call for cooperation between business and government to support working families with access to affordable health care and retirement benefits, as well as comprehensive training and apprentice programs in the skills and trades in order to maintain a highly qualified labor force.


We have all watched as traffic has increased on our highways leading to conditions of near-gridlock. I believe we need leadership at the county and state levels that will work harder to alleviate this problem. I pledge to work to bring more state and federal money to Utah County for expansion and better maintenance of our roads. I also call for the extension of mass transit systems, including commuter rail and bus rapid transit in Utah County, to connect with systems in other counties along the Wasatch Front.

Agriculture, The Environment, And Natural Resources

I believe we must balance the food and environmental needs of the people of our county. I call for improving farmers' income, monitoring agribusiness, and promoting conservation, as well as supporting enterprises and cooperatives that will help our farmers gain a greater share of the food dollar in our markets.

I recognize the value of green space and the importance of agriculture in a healthy living environment. I believe we should maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem supporting a balanced wildlife population with adequate winter and summer range.

I call for the protection of wilderness along with the right of access to use it responsibly for hunting, fishing, other recreational activities, and multiple uses that do not endanger our natural resources. I also call for the protection of Utah Lake and our canyons.

Energy and Nuclear Waste

I support wisely using the abundant energy resources of our state while carefully preserving our environment. I believe in initiatives to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, such as mass transit, conservation, and alternative energy sources.

I decry attempts to import radioactive waste from nuclear facilities outside of Utah for storage, particularly at sites within minutes of population centers. I call for measures to ensure that our county and our state never become a dumping ground nor a transit point for the nuclear waste of the nation.


I stand for the Constitutional right of citizens to possess firearms for sporting purposes and for lawfully defending their families and property. I also support the enforcement of existing gun laws, educating citizens on the responsible use and storage of firearms, and common sense measures to reduce gun violence and enhance public safety.


I strongly believe that those who come to the United States should do so legally. I call for Congress to adopt policies that control our borders while providing for a viable immigration policy that respects the contributions of immigrant workers to our economy and to their families and children, many of whom are United States citizens. This policy must also discourage exploitation by employers deliberately recruiting undocumented workers.


Candidate Nights

  • October 1, Oak Canyon Junior High, 7:00 p.m., Candidate Debate, sponsored by the Oak Canyon Junior High PTA
  • October 8, Orem City Center, City Council Chamber, 6-9 p.m., Meet-the-Candidates Night, sponsored by the Orem-Provo Chamber of Commerce
  • October 23, Orem Junior High School, 7:00 p.m., Meet-the-Candidates Night, sponsored by the Timpangogos Region PTA

Neighborhood Meetings

  • October 1-30, Neighborhood meetings are being scheduled for available times after 8 p.m. If you would like to schedule one in your home, please call me at 602-1681.

Canvassing Neighborhoods

  • October 11, Oak Canyon Junior High parking lot, 111 S 725 E Lindon, 10:00 a.m. I need as many volunteers as possible to canvass the neighborhoods. We will provide helpful instructions. We are hoping for 1-2 hours of your time. If you have questions about this: call Jack Reid at 369-9681
  • October 18, Canvassing (details to follow)
  • October 25, Canvassing (details to follow)
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